Lynbrook High School Class of 2018


Welcome to the official Lynbrook High School Class of 2018 website! 

Our mission is to establish a fun and memorable time from freshman to senior year. 

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A  Journey Through Time

October 13, 2014 - October 17, 2014

Homecoming is the biggest and most memorable event of each year. It is a fun-filled week in October, and planning starts from May. The morning of homecoming starts out with an exciting gauntlet. During brunch, each class performs a skit as well as 4 dances (girls, boys, co-ed, and a class dance). On Friday, we have our Homecoming rally and the week ends with our Homecoming football game. During half-time in the game, Homecoming court is announced. Preparation for our sophomore homecoming will start in May and sign-up forms will be sent out then. 

Homecoming 14-15

1st - 2015  Seniors  Music Through Time

2nd - 2016 • Juniors  Ancient Greece  

3rd - 2017 • Sophomores • Ancient Japan

4th - 2018  Freshmen • The Golden Age of Piracy


Homecoming Court      

Freshmen Homecoming Prince: Saif Kausar 

Freshmen Homecoming Princess: Lilian Chen


Class of 2018