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Welcome to the official Lynbrook High School Class of 2018 website! 

Our mission is to establish a fun and memorable time from freshman to senior year. 

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It has been a long 4 years and it's time to celebrate! Join us as we embark upon a journey on the sea under the stars. We hope you will join us on the San Francisco Hornblower Cruise. Be prepared for a night full of fun, dancing, and games. We invite you to Prom.

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Event Details

Dates: April 28-29, 2018, 5:30 PM-1 AM

Meeting Location: Lynbrook High School, from where the buses will transport us to San Francisco, The Golden City. All attendees must arrive at prom by way of bussing from Lynbrook. 

Important Reminders: Before prom arrives, please take a moment to read through these reminders.

1) If you think you might get motion sick on the boat, please take motion sickness medication here at school (or home) BEFORE getting on the bus. It takes a while to become effective.

2) Ladies, it will get cold on the boat so bring a jacket! Also, if you do not want to dance in heels, you must bring flip flops to wear – being bare foot is NOT ALLOWED on the boat.

3) There can be NO FOOD or DRINK on the bus – even water. Bags will be checked before we leave Lynbrook and again when we enter the boat.

4) All seniors and guests need to present picture ID with legal name when boarding the bus.

5) Be prepared to board buses by 5:45pm.

Dress Code

Spiffy. Elegant. Snazzy. Formal dress. School dress code will be in effect, so please choose your attire appropriately!

Boys: If you plan on attending prom, you can visit Tuxedo Wearhouse in the Westgate Mall to get measured for a tuxedo! Grab a flyer from us when you purchase bids for a discount at Tuxedo Wearhouse!

Girls: If you plan on attending prom but cannot afford a dress, look into the Princess Program!* You may also want to join the 2018 Prom Dresses facebook group to see what your classmates are wearing or if anyone is selling their old prom dresses! Tuxedo Wearhouse is also offering discounts on alterations for Lynbrook students!

Show the following coupons for a discount!


Fun. Literal fun. Prom attendees can expect to make memories with their friends! Some activities include music, dancing, Titanic photography, and EATING (a personal favorite)!

Professional photography provided will be present in the Lynbrook Gym before we leave for SF. More information regarding prices and package deals coming soon!

Dinner will be provided! That's right, 3-course meals, everyone! The official menu will be coming soon!


Professional Photography

If you'd like to take pictures in the gym professionally, here are the details of what packages are being offered.

Bid Sales

Bids will go on sale starting Wednesday, April 4th during lunch at the top of the quad! Please notice the changes to Week 2. Here are the dates and prices that we are selling bids:

Week 1 (4/4 and 4/6) at $135 per bid

Week 2 (4/10 and 4/13*) at $150 per bid

*We will be selling after sixth period on Friday due to Powderpuff occurring at lunch the entire week

Checks and cash will be accepted. Please make all checks out to "Lynbrook ASB" with "SPROM" and your student ID on the memo line. Bids are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are in need of financial aid, please reach out to Ms. Boehm!


Before purchasing a bid, please fill out this form so we can process your transaction in a speedy manner on the day of.

The field trip permission form are mandatory for all interested attendees. We will not be able to sell you a bid without them, so please make sure to complete them in advance!

If you are purchasing a bid for someone outside of Lynbrook, the guest form must be completed and submitted at the time of purchase.

Taking someone from college? They will not have to fill in the school official signature part and if they are over the age of 18, they also do not need a parent signature. We will however need a copy of a photo ID that includes their birthday. All other portions of the form must be completed.

LHS Student Permission Slip

Guest Form

SPROM Song Suggestions Form

Upcoming Events

The prom fashion show is coming up on April 4th at brunch in the quad. Come out to see some of your fellow seniors (and the officers) dressed their best! View our calendar to see all the interesting and important dates coming up!


Please reach out to any of the officers regarding via facebook or email if you have any questions regarding the event. Or leave us a question at Even if you want someone to rant to and get advice from for an awesome asking, feel free to reach out to us! We love to hear from you guys!

Our contact information can be found under the "Officers" tab.



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